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Man’s Guide To Her Monthly Moods

  Have you noticed at certain times your lady seems kinder, more feminine, sexier? You can’t keep your hands off her and she treats you like some kind of hero. Things are fantastic when she’s like this. But it never lasts – does it? Almost overnight her mood...

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Maintaining Weight Loss – How To Keep It Off For Good

  Your problem isn’t losing weight – it’s keeping it off.   You might think your problem is losing weight but actually I’d bet the first time you lost weight it was quite easy. But then you gained it back and it was harder to lose the next time. And, if you...

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What Causes Low Iron – How To Get Your Energy Back!

  Not getting enough iron slowly drains your energy. In this blog post I will help you understand what causes low iron but even more importantly - how to rebuild your iron stores and get your energy back. Getting enough iron can be really tricky even if you are...

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Your Monthly Mood Map [Infographic]

  Does it seem like sometimes you are this amazing woman who has it all together and then all of a sudden – often overnight – things completely go to pieces? It’s as though you have two personalities. One is a loving, stable and competent woman who feels good in...

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“I really don’t think there are words to describe just how much love and respect we all have for you and all that you do for us as women in this crazy world we live in. You are such a wealth of knowledge and we admire you as a coach and value your friendship.”


“It’s now been 11 weeks and I’ve lost 7kg. The changes I’ve made aren’t drastic. I know I can and will maintain them going forward. I can’t recommend this enough. I’m so much happier within myself and that is priceless!”


“I would recommend your training program to all woman. Nothing is more empowering than achieving things you thought you were incapable of.”

Mariana, Nutritionist


Helping women understand their bodies better. Female Fitness Systems is for the everyday woman. It’s not about getting super skinny or shredded. It’s not about extreme or trendy diets. It’s about helping women learn what really works for them. Read more.

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Split Squats With Kettle Bell Raise – As if split squats weren’t challenging enough! Here’s a way to take them to the next level.

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