“I now stand proudly looking in the mirror that I could not even look at myself in before…”


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female fitness body transformation

Tell us about your transformation


15 kg overweight with high blood pressure and an under confident mother, I began my fitness lifestyle change 12 months ago. I never though I would change as much as I have and could not be happier or more grateful for my journey with Mel.

It was not an easy  journey. There has been tears and moments of wanting to throw it all away. And then there have been moments of extreme proudness of my achievements. I now stand proudly looking in the mirror that I could not even look at myself in before. I even flex my muscles and laugh at myself too. My clothes all fit me better and I will be rocking a bikini this summer!


What changes did you make to transform your body?


I really struggled to get results in the beginning but Mel helped me overhaul everything I thought I knew. I’ve learned I need more protein and that less carbs works better for me. I’ve also established what foods are inflammatory for my body. Because I have a tight work schedule, I need to plan to bring easy meals and snacks with me and Mel helped with with that too.

I’ve made a commitment to workout with Mel through a combo of private and group sessions at least four times per week.


What advice do you have for other women – especially busy mothers?


When I made the commitment to Mel and myself I had to organize work, my kids and my home around training and eating well. With a tight work schedule and being a busy mother, I had to make the commitment to train every week, almost everyday.

So it’s really about deciding to prioritize your training and nutrition. You’ve got to commit to it and not let little excuses stop you from doing what you need to do.

I feel so empowered by my change and I’m now completely addicted to working out and eating clean! It’s so worth the effort!

I’ve never felt better in my life. This will be my life forever and I’m loving every moment of it!



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