Ora Tea



Ingredients: Spring harvest sencha green tea

Size: 100g




Ingredients: 100g Spring harvest sencha green tea


If you want to get all the health benefits normally associated with green tea you need to drink a high quality, spring harvest tea. Most people think they are getting the benefits of green tea but they aren’t because they are drinking old, stale tea from the supermarket (or even a lot of specialty shops!). I personally import this tea from a small tea farm in Japan multiple times per year so you are always guaranteed fresh tea right from the farm.



  • Guaranteed to be the greenest, freshest tea you will ever try and it will change the way you think of green tea forever
  • Full of antioxidants and good stuff for your body
  • Awesome tea for immunity and keeping you healthy when you are run down
  • Enhances focus without any nasty jitters.


*Shipping: If you require shipping, the tea will be shipped in a plain, resealable pouch due to the expense of sending boxes.


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