Lean Legs Training Program



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What happens after you purchase your plan:

Once your payment is received, I will contact you to find out whether you would like the Gym or Home version of the plan and to collect any other details I need to get you started.

You’ll also receive a set up email inviting you to fill in a short consultation form and download the free training app if you will be using the program on your phone.

Please safe list the email address: mel@femalefitnesssystems.com and allow 48 hours after making your payment for the email to arrive.


Level required:

This program requires healthy knees and back, and an intermediate level of fitness and familiarity with weight training. If you have done group fitness classes with weights, this is sufficient experience for this program. Beginners with no weight training experience should enquire about other options. I have many programs that will provide a foundation for more advanced programs.



This program is non-refundable and cannot be paused or extended without additional costs.

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