The Ultimate Nutrition Guide

Change the way you eat.

Change the way you lose weight.

Change your body.

There’s certain things I get asked all the time and, while you’ll find answers to many of your questions on my blog, I’ve put all my best advice about nutrition and losing weight into one ebook which is absolutely free.

If you have any questions or feedback, I’d love to hear from you. Or if you want some help taking things to the next level check out my nutrition programs or book a session with me to talk through everything. I work with clients all over the world and all programs and sessions can be done using email and Skype, Facetime or Messenger.

Hope you find the ebook helpful!

(To get your book: All you need to do is enter your email, check your inbox for a confirmation and link to download the ebook (sometimes this will be in your junk folder). The ebook is mobile friendly so you can read it on your phone if you want to and it’s a small file so it’s not going to take up a lot of storage space on your device.)

What’s In The Book

How to Count Calories

Learn how many calories you should eat to keep your metabolism healthy.

Portion Sizes for Women

Learn the best portion sizes for your goals and how to lose weight if you don’t want to count calories.

Tips for Assessing Progress

Learn how much weight you should be losing and how you should feel as you lose weight.

How Much Cardio

Learn how much cardio to do and how to use it more strategically to lose weight.

More Free Stuff

Bonus Supplement Guide


Confused about supplements? Not sure what supplements you need? When should you take them and how much to take?

In the Guide I’ve included a list of the most common supplements I recommend for women, including protein powders, vitamins and minerals, and just for fun, some supplements to give you more energy when you train. I’ve included advice on each supplement and advice about where to buy the best-priced, most effective supplements no matter where you live in the world.

The Portion Size Plates

These plates are usually only available for my private clients but I’ll give you a copy you can print out when you download the Guide. In the Guide, I’ll also walk you through how to use the Plates whether or not you want to count calories!

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