Nutrition Sessions



Weight loss


Overall health and energy


Rebuilding metabolism and breaking plateaus


Hormone balance


Fertility and pregnancy


Cravings and overeating

We’ll address your biggest nutrition challenges in this session and come up with a simple, lifestyle friendly plan. You’ll learn how to have a more balanced approach to nutrition and weight loss. We’ll do this by teaching you to lose weight by eating as much healthy food as possible.

I don’t give restrictive meal plans but together we will sketch out a plan so that you know what you should be eating everyday and we’ll use foods that suit your budget and lifestyle. If you want an even more indepth program, I highly recommend my 8 Week Nutrition Coaching program.

Sessions can be held in person or on Skype or Facetime.

Hormone Assessments


Thyroid problems

PMS and period pain

Age-related weight gain

PCOS, Fibroids, Endometrosis

Estrogen dominance

Symptom and weight tracking

Figuring out what’s going on with your hormones can be really frustrating and confusing. Your doctor usually doesn’t have any satisfactory answers or solutions. It can often seem hopeless but there is a lot you can do. In this session, we’ll do a comprehensive assessment of your hormones. I can also help make sense of any test results you’ve had recently.

In this session, we’ll come up with a three part plan for helping you have better hormone balance. The plan will address Nutrition, Lifestyle and Supplements.

You’ll be surprised at how simple changes will make the world of difference. You don’t have to suffer anymore.

Sessions can be held in person or on Skype or Facetime.

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