In this episode, I give you five simple things you can do to stay on track while on holidays. Learn how to find the right balance so you still enjoy your time off.




Here’s what’s in this episode:

1:25 – Why it’s important not to gain weight over the holidays.

  • Fat overshooting is an adaptation to dieting and something that often happens when you start overconsuming calories (ie. when you eat too much while on holidays!). It means you may actually get fatter than before because your body overcompensates when you eat more calories than you need.
  • Because of adaptations that happen when you lose weight, every time you regain weight it gets harder to lose. Studies show that dieting leads to long term weight gain.
  • A good goal over the holidays is to try to maintain your current weight. That way you can still enjoy your holiday but avoid rebounding.


4:50 – Strategy #1: Make good, leaner food choices.

  • Choose higher protein options with vegetables and salads. This will mean you can eat more food but less calories.


7:00 – Strategy #2: Manage your calorie intake so you can eat more later in the day.

  • Eating less through the day creates space for a bigger meal later in the day.


7:40 – Strategy #3: Increase your activity level on days you are going to eat more.

  • Be a bit more active than normal and remember it’s important to keep working out over the holidays.


9:10 – Strategy #4: Eat mindfully.

  • Stop picking at everything and eating from the candy plate because you’ll consume way more calories without even really enjoying them. It’s better to save up for the big meal of the day.


9:40 – Strategy #5: Don’t be afraid to ‘fit out’ when everyone else is fitting in.

  • To be above average, you need to do things that are different than everyone else!


Learn more about fat overshooting and rebounds: How To Prevent Weight Loss Plateaus and Rebounds


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