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Healthier Menstruation With Belinda Falconar


In this episode, Belinda Falconar, acupuncturist, women’s health advocate and healthy menstruation specialist, talks about how to have better periods using holistic, and somewhat unconventional, methods.

Belinda is also the representative for Drion sanitary products and we get into some unique technologies, used in these products, including negative ions and far infrared rays for helping with period pains, mood and energy.

Belinda explains how all energy is made up of negative and positive ions. Artificial environments are positively charged and can make us feel drained, tired and have more headaches. Our modern lifestyle causes us to become imbalanced and more positively charged. That’s why getting out in nature feels so refreshing – negative ions are naturally found in nature especially where there’s moving water.

In every Drion product there is a green strip that contains over 6100 negative ions per cubic centimetre and also emits far infrared rays. While this may seem a bit “out there” to some of you, there is actually research behind these type of products which we discuss in the podcast.

Belinda is very passionate about helping women have better periods and I’m sure you will enjoy listening to her.




Here are some of the key things we discuss:


4:30: How Traditional Chinese Medicine views period pain and how acupuncture can relieve period problems.

8:00: Belinda’s personal experience with Drion products.

9:30: Negative ions and far infrared rays – what they are and how they can help us have better periods.

16:00: Why Belinda recommends using pads over tampons.

19:20: The importance of making an appointment with yourself to breathe. How breath affects our body and using belly breathing to activate the parasympathetic nervous system.


Where You Can Find Belinda



Drion Website


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