Ninety percent of the time I saw a weight that I didn’t like and that made me unhappy. The thought of another woman stepping on the scales and then feeling like she should be defined by that number also makes me unhappy. It just breaks my heart.” Courtney Durr, Body Love Blueprint


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Does your happiness depend on certain outcomes – like the number on the scale or looking a certain way?

According to Tony Robbins, possibly the world’s most well known life coach and motivational speaker, happiness is a matter of perception and what you choose to focus on.

Instead of making our happiness conditional on reaching a certain weight, what if we focused on other things – like our energy levels, hitting a new personal best, or just getting out there and doing something you enjoy on a regular basis?

In this episode with Courtney Durr of the Body Love Blueprint we’ll talk about how she made the transition to a healthier approach to fitness, nutrition and life. You’ll learn why she never weighs her clients and what she does instead. She also gives us three very practical things we can start doing now to love ourselves and our bodies more.

It’s fitting that Courtney is the first interview on this podcast because one of her main messages is about taking action in the face of fear. Personally, podcasting is my next big scary step and episode by episode I’ll be conquering some of my own fears. Our sound quality isn’t perfect in this episode but Courtney’s message is definitely worth the listen.

If you don’t have time to listen to the whole interview, I’ve summarized Courtney’s tips for loving yourself more below.


Living A Life Of Awesomeness And Balance With Courtney Durr



Courtney opens by talking about why she doesn’t weight her clients anymore. Whenever she weighed a client who hadn’t lost weight, she watched the happiness and achievement leave their face. She even began to think that she was a bad trainer.

Since starting the Body Love Blueprint, she has decided to stop weighing her clients. A scale doesn’t measure water or muscle weight and it’s impacted by stress and monthly cycles as well. She now teaches women other ways to measure health and progress including focusing on how much energy you have, whether you enjoy exercise, how you look, and how your clothes fit.

Courtney shares a lot of wisdom in this podcast but I asked her to come up with three practical tips about body love. Here’s what she shared.


Body Love Blueprint Tips For Loving Yourself More



1.Practice gratitude.


Courtney starts Body Love Blueprint sessions by asking women to write five things they are grateful for in their journals. This starts sessions off in a positive frame of mind because it reminds women that even though it may seem like a bad day – there are things that make us feel happy and grateful.

We are always comparing ourselves to others, and Courtney wants to remember that there are plenty of reasons to be grateful. She encourages us to think more broadly when considering the blessings in our lives – including a sunny day, having good food, or the kindness of a stranger.

Thanking your body is also important – for everything it does, even when you don’t feel well. Saying I’m grateful for my beautiful body and getting okay with saying words like “beautiful” “healthy” and “strong” is an important part of taking care of yourself.


2. Conquer fear with action.


“Listen to your fears and walk towards them.” The Body Love Blueprint is all about possibility. When you conquer your fears – even if it’s just a small win in the gym – you’ll be more confident in all areas of your life. Courtney advises us to not avoid things purely because we are afraid to fail. Feel the fear and do it anyway.

“We can be very creative when it comes to seeing all the terrible scenarios that could happen – what if they laugh at me or what if something awful happens?”

If you want to feel better about yourself, start doing more things out of your comfort zone. You will realize you are more capable than you gave yourself credit for and the confidence you gain will transfer into other areas of your life.


3. Surround yourself with positive people.


The people you surround yourself with are such a big part of whether you feel happy and successful. Only allow the people that support, encourage and love you for who you are into your life. Also, be careful about what you let into your mind and who you follow on social media. What you choose to focus on determines how you feel.

Courtney talks about how different she felt when she was focused on how she looked as opposed to when she decided to relax and have fun with her training.

A few years ago all she focused on what how she looked, what she ate and her weight. She talks about taking so many selfies at that time but never being happy with how she looked.

Then she changed her focus. All she focused on was completing the race and enjoying the team atmosphere. Rather than worry about calories and scales, she focused on helping others and the difference in her mindset and how she felt about herself and life was remarkable.


What You Can Start Doing Today


“If you don’t weigh yourself or focus 100% on what you’re eating but you are kind to yourself – then amazing things happen. Your body feels the respect and starts to love you back and show you it’s the right way to live.”

“Do things that make you happy. Don’t do something because you feel like you should – even if that’s the gym. It’s important to move and exercise but find what makes you happy. You’ve only got this one life and you may as well enjoy it.”


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